Thursday, January 13, 2011

Comfort for the Soul Message of the Day

Your beloved calls you here today
To ask you for this dance what will you say?
Are you going to throw the chance away?
Do you hear the music?

I know you’ve got a lot of things to do
But I think the world could turn a time or two
Without all your precious plans and you
Could start to hear the music
In your heart
In your heart
 . . .
~Kirtana, Do You Hear the Music?

You are like a diamond. You have many facets that make you shine and sparkle and be uniquely who you are. Most of us express one or a few of our talents in our work, but not all. For example, you may have a strong artistic or creative side (or had one in your past), but your work uses your more analytical, left-brain. If you feel stuck or low in energy, some of your facets have probably become dull. Without giving voice to the creative parts of us that are burning to express, we can't fully sparkle as our Diamond selves.

You may be thinking, how do I find a career that feeds all parts of me ... for example, my creative side, my communicative self, my inner leader and the part of me that yearns for quiet time in solitude? Our mind tends to say this is an either/or proposition: "I can either have my ideal career or live undernourished in the desert." The truth is, we can often give expression to a buried self by just allotting some time for free play. Don't assume, in other words, that this has to come from your career. It might evolve into that, and if that is your vision, by all means, run with it. In the meantime, however, a little bit of focused creative expression goes a long way toward boosting our energy.

For example, I love to dance. Dance is the way my spirit connects to the poet and artist in me. Just a few minutes, literally, of dancing in my office each day increases my energy exponentially. I put on a song like the one above, and allow my body to move in any way it desires. This freestyle movement literally frees my mind in a way no other activity can. I connect to spirit and remember all of who I am.

I have come to realize that my "dancer self" is a primary avenue of expression that is vital to my well-being. Similarly, you likely have at least three selves that must be given outlets in your life for you to feel really good, at the peak of your energy. If you are in transition or want to make positive change in your life, your first order of business is to boost your energy so you have space and motivation for what you want. Polishing one of your dull facets, a buried self, will do it.

Don't get stuck in the outcome or product of this expression, unless you know it's the end result that juices you. For most of us, it's actually the process -- the dance -- that feeds us. 

Affirmation: Giving voice to my creative self boosts my energy exponentially. I rejoice in living life full out!

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