Monday, October 27, 2014

The Power of Blessing

Bless the people who are starting a new job today. Bless the folks who are meeting unbearable grief. Bless those who are waking up from the best dream ever, and those who are trying to shake off a nightmare. Bless those who've just had an exciting new revelation. And those who fear never having one again. Today, bless the person who rubs you the wrong way, the one who opens the door for you, and the one who may never truly get you. Bless yourself for being here, for putting one foot in front of the other, for showing up wherever you are headed today to be your truest, most authentic self, as best as you can given what you're moving through. You, me and everyone else are in essence, pure love with unlimited potential. We just forget this on a regular basis! Bless those who remember today and bless everyone else in turn. Bless life ~ it's here for us!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Half-Yearly Coaching Special!

Could you use a tune-up for your soul? Are you wondering if you're on track? Trying to decide among options? At a crossroads? It's that time of year again! I'm offering a half-yearly coaching special,  a full 90 minute session for the price of a one-hour session.

Bring your desired area of focus--career, relationship, life purpose or self-care--for example, and you will come away with renewed confidence and enthusiasm to move forward. Plus an Action Plan with one or more concrete, practical steps to get you moving and feeling on track again. 

We meet by phone or video Skype, or in person if you're in the Seattle area. 

90 minute-session for the price of one hour ~ $200 

To schedule, click here to send me an email. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Truth + Hope = New Freedom!

I love the month of May! Not only is it my birthday month and I find great joy in celebrating with loved ones, but May also symbolizes hope and new beginnings. The sun has finally begun to come out in Seattle. Last week I even felt the cool fresh grass under my feet. It was actually warm enough—for an hour at least—to go barefoot. Thank God! I am so ready to be coming out of an intense and long winter hibernation. And I know I’m not the only one.

Have you been clearing a lot of “old stuff” these past several months? From what I’ve seen with my clients as well. many of us have been in the chrysalis phase, doing lots of inner reorganizing and releasing of limiting beliefs about what is possible for our lives. So if you don’t feel like you’re year has taken off yet, new momentum is coming. Hopefully you can feel the stirring of new possibility and renewed hope as you to begin to emerge as your butterfly self. This is an excellent time to move toward what is calling your heart.  

We’ve needed this letting go phase because the rules of life and success are changing. The old ways of struggle and strife, competition and scarcity just aren’t sustainable any more. Beliefs that we’re in this alone and must work harder to push through have taken us as far as they can. This kind of thinking has exacted its heavy toll on the planet and on each of us individually. I don’t even have to say it because you’ve experienced it—the price is exhaustion, apathy and burnout. 

For example, last spring, I published my book, The Magic of Saying Yes: Answering Your Heart’s True Calling. Promptly thereafter I received my own heart’s call to travel abroad. I said yes and upon returning from my European travel adventure, asked what’s next? I was ready for a new vision. 

As it goes with the ego, once I embraced this next level of fulfillment, self-doubting inner critics showed up with their old-hat patterns of perfectionism and procrastination. Because you know there’s really no reason to take that next courageous step without an absolute guarantee of commercial success, right?! 

Feeling the pain of these patterns woke me up again. I saw that in subtle ways, I was still doing my life in striving mode. Woven in to our misguided cultural mantra, just do more, is a subconscious belief in never enough. There’s never enough time, never enough money, and definitely never enough love and support to be truly successful living your passion. It’s a subtle song of scarcity that fuels the lie. “I will finally love my life when I accomplish the next thing.” 

Chasing your dreams is living a fantasy that says happiness is somewhere down the road, when the truth is that our real lives are right here, right now, happening in this precious moment. Complete with the undone tasks, people who don’t get us, negative bank balance sheets, and the extra ten or twenty pounds.

What a gift, all those years of kidding myself! (Which by the way, probably began at the tender young of four when I saw my first happily-ever-after Disney movie). A gift, because the awareness brought me to a very freeing choice point. How do I want to live out the rest of my precious days? 

I made a radical decision to stop pushing myself hard and love myself and my life as it is—including the buried shame of everything not yet being perfect. I upped my level of self-love and took a really honest look at where I was depriving myself of nourishing self-care. One result so far from this acceptance and self-cherishing has been more inner peace, more aliveness and definitely more sustained happiness. No matter what my life looks like. (This doesn’t mean that I’m in denial, I should point out. It means that I’m attending to what needs shifting free of the shame, guilt and resentment that was making me feel stuck.)

Since I was living this new shift, I felt passionately compelled in April to offer a four-part teleclass series on Soulful Success. My intention is to support you to release struggle and strife and create a soul-inspired life. The series is now available to download and move through at your own pace. Click here for details.

In the course, I share some immensely liberating truths, exercises and meditations that anchor in a solid foundation for true success on your terms. Practicing these tools will support you beautifully in freeing yourself to listen more to your heart--and a lot less to your inner critic and the voice of a culture struggling within broken systems that don’t work anymore. (BTW, we can be the change in those systems by shifting ourselves first.)

Are you ready to let your wise self and true values inform your vision of success? 

To give more air time and life resources to discovering and living your purpose? Instead of living from someone else’s or your old self’s ideas of what your life should look like? 

The sustainability of our planet and your own happiness begins with awakening to your true wealth and inner assets. (Listen to the Just Say Yes! radio archive on Discovering Your Inner Assets here). This will prepare you to move forward passionately from a more solid, stable and sustainable footing. 
I believe we're entering a new era. One based on soulful success. We can create this together! Will you join me?

I would love to partner with you through private coaching. Click here to find out more.  

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dear God, Please bring me CLARITY now!

I love talking to God. Even if I don't get an answer back right away (and I do ask for direction), I always feel better. More supported, comforted and encouraged to keep going or do something different. Dialoguing my wise inner guide reminds me that I'm not alone.

That was the old era, trying to do it alone. The new era, which we're in now, is all about partnering.

Don't worry if you haven't yet received crystal clear clarity on your next steps or new vision for this new beginnings time. You DO know what has to change! We've all been given that memo! I think the healing balm is to stay clear on the essence of what you want to FEEL. What are you saying yes to? For example, "I have more true soul family members surrounding, supporting and encouraging me. And I feel deeply loved and cherished!"

Also I know an excellent book, an inspiring guide and portable mentor for this exquisite (even when painful or uncertain) journey you're on. In The Magic of Saying Yes: Answering Your Heart's True Calling, I guide you in partnering with your wise inner guide. Call it God, Spirit, your Intuition or Fairy Godmother, it matters not. What matters is that you let go of feeling alone and say yes to receiving support, encouragement, love and concrete next steps so you can move forward and be happy again. Do the exercises and you will see your life move, as many others have

Get your copy here.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Soulful Success: Essential Keys for True Happiness

You were born to shine! 

Don’t let anyone—including yourself--tell you that you can’t have your heart’s desire, contribute your passion and live abundantly while feeling appreciated and loved. 

The key is Soulful Success. A whole new approach grounded in LOVE, self-love and divine love, the greatest force for positive, profound change. And anyone can do it! 

With Soulful Success, you get to let go of struggling and striving for what you really want. (Thank God!)  Soulful Success is also a freeing antidote to anxiety and fear, anger and disappointment. And it works for paying the bills too.

Soulful Success brings in more playfulness, lightness and JOY!

Having moved through this very same turning point myself, being so done with chasing my dreams and sacrificing my own well being in the process, I’m inspired to offer a Four-Part Teleclass Series on Soulful Success. I’m offering this as a teleclass so that you can take it from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your home--in your pajamas if you want.

And as my gift to you, the first class is FREE.  Please join me Wednesday, April 2 at 6 PM PT to co-create a powerful, profound life shift. I’m thrilled to share this class and the subsequent weeks’ classes as well.

Important: You don't have to be on the call itself if you're not available. Just join and you'll get a free mp3 recording to listen later.

This first call is valuable on it’s own, whether you continue or not. So please enter your name and email to receive my gift of the first class!

Click here to sign up for the free call.   

I am excited to be with you on Wednesday, April 2!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy New Moon in Pisces! And the planet Mercury has just gone direct after three weeks of apparent slow downs and communication glitches. This is a time of release and letting go for a New Beginning. Are you feeling it? 

I sure am! Last night I was on my way to the grocery store and in a moment of clarity I decided to take myself out to dinner instead. Sometimes I don't want to dine out solo among families and couples but all the self-consciousness melted away and I had a lovely time. A sweet romantic dream with an exotic, handsome and sweet soulmate followed.

All of this is to say, be prepared to embrace the new! It may surprise you what comes. YOU may surprise you! You may feel ready for something you wouldn't normally say yes to. Mercury retrograde did some inner reorganizing. You may feel ready now to plant some new seeds or move forward on a project that feels daring but exciting.

As always, let go of what seems to be leaving. If it's a true heart's desire, the universe is conspiring to gift it to you in another form. Different title, label, person or place perhaps ... just be open! Be open for that little soul nudge that says, "how about we do this instead?!" The spark in your heart will tell that it's a yes!

Give yourself support for your new beginning! Have you read my book yet? It's a wise, compassionate guide that will support you beautifully. Complete with juicy stories from my own raw experiences and transformational exercises that you can write your answers to write in the book!

Follow your soul nudge. Your spirit will always guide you to your yes!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jump Start Your Magical New Year! January 8th ~ 7:00 PM

Join us!
Photo by Linda Parker

I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be fantastic! Are you ready to intentionally make it so?!  

If you said YES! please join me so we can co-create an awesome new year TOGETHER!  

I will be sharing inspirational stories, offering deeply healing and practical tools, and of course, guiding you in a transformational practice to discover answers to your most burning questions.  

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I draw on my own deeply personal and transformational journey of change, awakening and renewal in The Magic of Saying Yes my inspiring new guidebook that empowers you to recognize and follow your heart's true calling.

Join us to ignite and nourish your intention to make 2014 a pivotal, expansive new year!  

Come to be together with like-minded souls, make a new friend and and release the pattern of doing it alone. 

Plus ... I'm giving away my brand new mp3 audio, Guided Meditations for The Magic of Saying Yes, when you pick up a copy of the book Wednesday night. You will love these powerful meditations! 

When two or more gather, powerful positive change happens! 
Wednesday, January 8th 
7-8:30 PM
East West Bookshop
$12 ~ $5 may be applied toward the book, night of event only