Friday, February 13, 2015

Join us tomorrow, Saturday February 14th, for Awakening to Love

We have one opening in our Awakening to Love workshop tomorrow! If you are in Seattle and you're ready for a wonderful positive shift in your life, please come. Register at the link below. 

Join us for a day of creative nourishment for your body, mind and spirit!  In an intimate gathering of six women, we will come together to co-create a rejuvenating shift around Love--one that brings joyful results for each of us!

Our day will include healing guided meditations to awaken the Goddess of Love within you; soul-full rituals for shedding the old and saying YES! to your heart's desire; and fun, creative playtime making your own personal Treasure Map on Love.

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Saturday, February 14th
9:30 am ~ 4:30 pm
$100 including a nourishing lunch and all Treasure Map supplies


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Questions? Call Betsy at 206-605-2900

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Awakening to Love Workshop ~ Saturday, February 14th

The most important conversation we could ever have is about Love!

Because our hearts are made of love, they naturally seek love. I'm not just talking about romance and life partnership, our souls also long for true emotional intimacy with close friends and even co-workers.

And yet we often feel that this kind of closeness eludes us. Fear, past betrayals, disappointments, and/or shame cloud our clarity and steal our joy. We isolate ourselves when what we really need is to hang out with like-minded souls who inspire us and reflect back our radiance and verve. Thank goodness we desire more, because it's our true nature to be more. To BE love. In the big picture of life, we came here to learn to love ... and of course, experience the immense joy of fulfilling relationship! 

I am so excited to be hosting a wonderful, soul-nourishing Saturday workshop called Awakening to Love. Limited to an intimate gathering of six women, we will come together to co-create a rejuvenating shift around Love--one that brings joyful results for each of us!

Join us for a day of creative pampering for your body, mind and spirit! Including ...

  • Engage in sacred conversation in a high vibration atmosphere with like-minded women
  • Healing guided meditations to awaken the Goddess of Love within you
  • A safe, nourishing circle in which to voice your hopes and desires and release anything in the way
  • Soul-full rituals for shedding the old and saying YES! to your heart's desire
  • Fun, creative playtime making your own personal Treasure Map on Love
More powerful take-aways ...
  • Awakening to your inherent loveability
  • Upping your self-trust, despite and because of your past
  • Shifting from improving yourself to loving yourself
  • Deepening intimacy within yourself, which makes you happier!
  • Learning the power of Divine Love to transform your life 
  • Increasing your courage and confidence to create real intimacy with new soul partners (romantic and otherwise)
Our day together will also include a nourishing lunch and plenty of laughter, fun and sacred play!

And a surprise message channeled synchronistically just for you.

(Don't worry, I won't forget the chocolate! It's V-Day after all!) 
Saturday, February 14th   9:30 ~ 4:30 pm  
Betsy's abode: 13244 1st Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98177  

$100 ~ Includes yummy lunch (vegan and omnivore options) and all Treasure Map supplies. 

Register early ~ limited to six Goddesses!

There's a magic that happens when women get together to celebrate the truth of who they really are. And dare to let go of who they never were. Together we laugh, share our hearts and leave with a new readiness to soar. 

As an Intuitive Life and Career Coach for the past 13 years, working with hundreds of clients, workshop participants, and through my own inner work, I have witnessed the power of unconditional love to transform lives. 

~Betsy Gutting, seminar leader, Intuitive Coach, Expressive Arts Therapist, and author of The Magic of Saying Yes: Answering Your Heart's True Calling. For more about Betsy, visit her website.  

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What people have said about their workshop experience:
I loved Betsy's workshop! She is a gifted leader. Betsy provides a warm and safe environment for people to explore their inner selves. She is truly inspiring. I love being in her presence.
~ K.H.
Betsy is such an amazing and inspirational leader/guide that anyone who seeks help during such a difficult time in one's life will come out feeling hopeful and renewed. ~D.K.

Thank you for your warmth, guidance and help facilitating hope and rebirth. I so enjoyed the series and the wonderful and different people who attended. ~C.H.
And about coaching with Betsy ...
Partnering with Betsy gave me very powerful insight into what I was capable of manifesting in my life. I was empowered to make major life changes and take big leaps that I did not realize I was ready for. I am so grateful for all that has transpired and Betsy's insight that helped me create it!
~ E.S.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: Support for a Rockin' Year is Here

Happy beautiful, fully alive, financially abundant, sexy and smart, intuitively tapped in, passionate, physically fit, radiantly healthy, super successful, overflowing with joy and deeply peaceful 2015! Did I get it all in there? Hahaha!

I had to start with a bit of humor because I notice that my ambitious and exuberant selves always have giddy high hopes for the New Year. And while I appreciate my optimistic nature (it's supported me through some very dark periods), I am also learning to release the zeal of the overly ambitious self and the perfectionism and urgency to accomplish that are her MO. I choose serenity and joy instead!

So let me say, welcome to the first day of celebrating you, moving even more toward what truly makes you happy!

I also love the New Year energy because it's the one time of year when billions of people globally are all being lifted into the same optimistic, eager-for-positive-change consciousness. In this higher-altitude mindset of expanded passionate possibility, together we turn the page to the next life chapter called 2015. Quantum physics has proven that this high vibration awareness is the optimal visioning atmosphere in which to imagine, manifest and ground in everyday reality the change we so intimately desire in our heart of hearts. Which makes this a very powerful, auspicious time for creating real shifts from the inside out.

But there is no rush. You can take it slowly. Your ego may be saying hurry up and get to work to make lots of big changes because time is short, but right now is really a liminal time. Liminal means in between. You are still very much in transition from 2014 to 2015. This is a time of re-rooting into new soil. A time of reflection, release and coming to aha's and realizations that will result in clear decisions and action on your new inspired direction.

Every exciting new project, career shift, influx of money, friendship, or partnership, business or romantic, requires allies. The person who introduces you to The One. The networking contact who tells you about the dream job opening. The neighbor who invites you to an event where you meet a wonderful new soul friend. Allies are special people in your life who fully support, celebrate and see you as you truly are-gifted and talented with a meaningful and valuable contribution to offer. Most of us, especially as we grow and evolve, need more of them. This in-between time is made for energetically summoning this loving and committed support.

And because I love giving presents, I want to give you a practical and powerful gift that will empower you to call in your allies (which I also call your soul family). This MP3 audio meditation will also engage you in feeling more rooted, more secure, and more deeply loved, which is the foundation of creating the most blossoming life you can imagine in 2015. Do this transformative meditation daily and I guarantee that you will receive deep and lasting benefits. 

  Click here to download your free gift audio, Meditation for Calling In Your Soul Family. 

I can feel it in my bones, 2015 is going to be a year of coming more into our own true nature, of feeling more radiant in our own skin, of claiming the true purpose we came here for. As always, if you're feeling in need of one-on-one guidance, encouragement and grounded support, you know where to find me.

PS ... please feel free to forward this gift to your friends and family as well! 

Cheers to making 2015 a wonderfully memorable year, 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Be Open to Something Better!

It turns out that the Universe supported me abundantly during the writing of this book. I traveled to Puerto Vallarta three times, and the second two trips were almost free. My dad’s friend Ray generously offered me his condo for my third trip. And my mom, a retired airline employee, put me on her flight passes, so I was able to fly standby at no charge. 

As serendipitous as all these gifts were, flying standby can be stressful because you never know for sure if you’ll get on the flight. In my travels to and from Vallarta, I became accustomed to getting on, often receiving the last seat. With this divine assistance, I strongly felt the Universe conspiring for my success.

I felt very much in the flow, until I hit a snag on the second leg of my trip home from Washington Dulles to Seattle. Apparently, an earlier flight to Seattle had been canceled and a number of stranded paying passengers were lining up to get a seat on my flight. Since they get first priority, I began to feel nervous. The ticket agent at the gate was clearly stressed out as so many people were waiting in line, vying for just a few available seats. 

I got a strong feeling that I wasn’t going to get on this flight and started to feel my heart contract. I felt the familiar feeling of disappointment. When my sense was confirmed and they closed the plane door and the flight took off, I approached the ticket agent for help. She was still so upset from the stress of the flight that she refused to even look up at me while I waited patiently to get her attention. I went into fear, worried that I wouldn’t get the help I needed to get on another flight that evening. 

Then I remembered to stop and pray. One door had closed (literally!), which meant another one had to open. This is universal law. Where one opportunity vanishes a void is created that must be filled with a new one. “Dear Spirit, I prayed, “show me where the new opening is. Show me my new flight plan.” 

It turns out there was another flight home just one hour later. The agent, still visibly agitated, was now willing to at least direct me to the new flight. When I arrived at the gate, the energy in the air was palpably different. No one was waiting in line, and this gate agent was serene and upbeat, greeting me with a smile. “I have your boarding pass right here,” he said, “but if you want to hang out for a few minutes, I might be able to get you on first class.” “Oh, I think I can wait five minutes for that,” I said, smiling to myself. 

As I settled into my extra-wide window seat, appreciating the open aisle seat next to me for added comfort, the first-class cabin flight attendant handed me a refreshing pre-flight drink. I smiled at how the Universe was once again delivering this lesson. I had made a plan that my ego believed was “the one that had to be.” I had forgotten that the Universe, by foiling my ego’s plan, was surely doing it’s thing, rearranging the order of circumstances so that I could receive something even better. I had forgotten that I could trust in a bigger plan. Once again, the Universe was handing me evidence that it is safe to relax and go with the flow. Celebrate this gift! Spirit encouraged, as I documented it in my Yes journal. Count your blessings and write about the joys of your trip. We love you! 

When your hopes are dashed, it is very difficult to see the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It takes a conscious awareness and decision to shift your focus so that you can open to receive something different from what the ego, with its limited sight, can envision. 

The trick is to remember to get back in the flow when circumstances trigger you into feeling dejected, rejected, or lost. My friend Allen has just one mantra that always works for him: “Get back in the river.” I imagine the way water flows down a river, just because that’s what water does. It washes over boulders, winds through bends, and manages to find its way downstream just by being its natural self. Like the river, there’s always a flow happening within you, available for connection. You can imagine that you’re stepping back into your life raft and floating gently, fully protected and carried by the stream of life. 

Can you imagine that divine timing is orchestrating the best for you? When your desires don’t seem to be manifesting, try to remember this: The Universe may just be working on putting you in first class. 

From The Magic of Saying Yes: Answering Your Heart's True Calling, by Betsy Gutting

Magic includes powerful, practical exercises to empower your forward movement and clarify your next steps. You can also "do" the book with a partner, friend or study group.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Healing Your Relationship with a Departed Loved One

. . .

But there is even more to this story. As I mentioned earlier, my father, Gene Guy Gutting, passed away of a sudden heart attack at the young age of forty-eight. I was just sixteen. At the time, my parents were separated and my father was living in Santa Cruz, California, an eight-hour drive from our family home in Irvine. 

Although my dad had a big heart and was a very passionate, loving man, he was from the old school of discipline and could be quite stern with his four daughters. As a result, we all felt afraid of our father at times. He could also be described as a workaholic, so even when he was living with us, he was often absent and I never felt that I knew him very well. In addition, in my adolescent and early teen years, my parents often fought in front of us, and I experienced my dad’s words toward my mom as harsh. My mom would confide in me, complaining of my dad’s preoccupation with his work as well as other problems in their marriage. I sided with my mom and unconsciously believed that it was my job to protect her. Because of this, my relationship with my dad was especially strained when my parents were separated, just before his death. 

After he passed, I missed my father terribly and years later chose to consciously heal my relationship with him in spirit. I learned that although we shed our bodies at death, our souls are eternal, and we can continue to communicate with our departed loved ones, and even heal any differences we had with them before their passing. 

One day, I heard a wise teacher remark, “in order to fulfill her purpose in the world and have a loving relationship with a man, a daughter needs to feel her father’s blessing.” She needs to know she is precious in his eyes. She needs to feel that she is lovable exactly the way she is. And that no matter what happens in her life, he has her back. This was a profound revelation for me. It dawned on me that I had never felt this from my father. At least in my own mind and heart, I had never received his blessing. 

Over time, I practiced envisioning myself as a little girl, sitting on my father’s lap as he stroked my hair and looked lovingly into my eyes, telling me how proud he was of me. This I could imagine my father doing, because even though I don’t recall hearing such words from him directly, I do remember his work colleagues sharing at his end-of-life celebration how proud our dad was of his girls. These visualizations had a profound healing effect on me. I began to feel on a visceral level that my father loved me deeply.

When he passed, my mother, sisters, and I flew to Santa Cruz for his funeral service. I think I was still in shock from him leaving our lives so suddenly. . . .
Excerpted from The Magic of Saying Yes, by Betsy Gutting, JD

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Saying Yes to a New Adventure

I know that when I receive an inspired impulse, this is my soul saying, “Wake up!” The soul’s essence is like a sparkling diamond with unlimited facets of light-filled expression. When I feel an inner nudge that comes with exhilarated fear, a new facet of my soul is ready to breakthrough and become real—to show up in the world as more of me.
We can imagine what would make our lives better and what would make the world a better place, but if we don’t honor our impulses to move on the divine direction we receive, we’ll suffer for it. This is what poets refer to as the unlived life. We may not recognize it as such. We might just feel restless or blame our job or lack of money or other people. Or we lose hope, and the passion of feeling truly alive eludes us day in and day out. Life feels life-less, because it lacks us.

When you hold back, you are keeping your greatest life—your destiny—at arms length.
. . .

Imagining all of us breaking free from our self-imposed cages lights me up because it fuels my larger, passionate vision for humanity. Imagine how life would be if we all said yes to those little soul nudges to break through the ego’s resistance. When one of us takes a risk, our yes gives others permission to do the same. We feel their wind, catch it … and fly.

~ from The Magic of Saying Yes, by Betsy Gutting

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dear Spirit, please wake me up!

Beginning your day with an empowering intention for how you want to feel is vital for feeling great and on purpose. Even with a powerful intention, though, our habitual thoughts don't often match our intention. Much of what our thoughts say all day long comes from worry, fear or past conditioning. For example, "that project is too hard," "no one is supporting me," or "If I go for __________, I'll probably be rejected." Thoughts like these limit us and drain our energy. They steal our mojo and creative bliss. And most of the time, they just aren't true! 

The truth is that we are wonderful, loving human beings who experience challenges and turning points. We have infinite potential. We move through obstacles and pain to capture and live the next dream or inspired idea. To awaken to the passion that gives us the momentum to see a  clear vision requires spending more thought-time in a more elevated consciousness. Our real truth consciousness. Playing more often in the delicious-feeling "higher altitudes," as I call them, is the foundation of feeling really alive. 

Today I noticed myself thinking low-level, ho hum thoughts. And then I got this little humorous inner nudge. "Spirit, when I'm feeling blah, can you please wake me up! I give you full permission to butt in to my thoughts and set me straight!" It made me chuckle and shifted my energy with humor alone!

If you like it, try it on. Here's an affirmative prayer you can use:
"Spirit, please feel free to butt in and tell me the truth when my thoughts are spouting lies. Remind me all day of my real destiny. Keep sending me love, warmth, peace and comfort. Thank you. I love you so!"