Monday, March 17, 2014

Soulful Success: Essential Keys for True Happiness

You were born to shine! 

Don’t let anyone—including yourself--tell you that you can’t have your heart’s desire, contribute your passion and live abundantly while feeling appreciated and loved. 

The key is Soulful Success. A whole new approach grounded in LOVE, self-love and divine love, the greatest force for positive, profound change. And anyone can do it! 

With Soulful Success, you get to let go of struggling and striving for what you really want. (Thank God!)  Soulful Success is also a freeing antidote to anxiety and fear, anger and disappointment. And it works for paying the bills too.

Soulful Success brings in more playfulness, lightness and JOY!

Having moved through this very same turning point myself, being so done with chasing my dreams and sacrificing my own well being in the process, I’m inspired to offer a Four-Part Teleclass Series on Soulful Success. I’m offering this as a teleclass so that you can take it from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your home--in your pajamas if you want.

And as my gift to you, the first class is FREE.  Please join me Wednesday, April 2 at 6 PM PT to co-create a powerful, profound life shift. I’m thrilled to share this class and the subsequent weeks’ classes as well.

Important: You don't have to be on the call itself if you're not available. Just join and you'll get a free mp3 recording to listen later.

This first call is valuable on it’s own, whether you continue or not. So please enter your name and email to receive my gift of the first class!

Click here to sign up for the free call.   

I am excited to be with you on Wednesday, April 2!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy New Moon in Pisces! And the planet Mercury has just gone direct after three weeks of apparent slow downs and communication glitches. This is a time of release and letting go for a New Beginning. Are you feeling it? 

I sure am! Last night I was on my way to the grocery store and in a moment of clarity I decided to take myself out to dinner instead. Sometimes I don't want to dine out solo among families and couples but all the self-consciousness melted away and I had a lovely time. A sweet romantic dream with an exotic, handsome and sweet soulmate followed.

All of this is to say, be prepared to embrace the new! It may surprise you what comes. YOU may surprise you! You may feel ready for something you wouldn't normally say yes to. Mercury retrograde did some inner reorganizing. You may feel ready now to plant some new seeds or move forward on a project that feels daring but exciting.

As always, let go of what seems to be leaving. If it's a true heart's desire, the universe is conspiring to gift it to you in another form. Different title, label, person or place perhaps ... just be open! Be open for that little soul nudge that says, "how about we do this instead?!" The spark in your heart will tell that it's a yes!

Give yourself support for your new beginning! Have you read my book yet? It's a wise, compassionate guide that will support you beautifully. Complete with juicy stories from my own raw experiences and transformational exercises that you can write your answers to write in the book!

Follow your soul nudge. Your spirit will always guide you to your yes!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jump Start Your Magical New Year! January 8th ~ 7:00 PM

Join us!
Photo by Linda Parker

I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be fantastic! Are you ready to intentionally make it so?!  

If you said YES! please join me so we can co-create an awesome new year TOGETHER!  

I will be sharing inspirational stories, offering deeply healing and practical tools, and of course, guiding you in a transformational practice to discover answers to your most burning questions.  

As an Intuitive Life Coach, I draw on my own deeply personal and transformational journey of change, awakening and renewal in The Magic of Saying Yes my inspiring new guidebook that empowers you to recognize and follow your heart's true calling.

Join us to ignite and nourish your intention to make 2014 a pivotal, expansive new year!  

Come to be together with like-minded souls, make a new friend and and release the pattern of doing it alone. 

Plus ... I'm giving away my brand new mp3 audio, Guided Meditations for The Magic of Saying Yes, when you pick up a copy of the book Wednesday night. You will love these powerful meditations! 

When two or more gather, powerful positive change happens! 
Wednesday, January 8th 
7-8:30 PM
East West Bookshop
$12 ~ $5 may be applied toward the book, night of event only  

New Year, New YOU: Your Personal Year in 2014

Happy 2014! I am so excited to partner with you to make this the year of receiving your heart's desire. Today on my radio show, Just Say Yes!, I shared about how to calculate your personal year in numerology. Here is the low down as well as a description of each year. Enjoy!

You discover your personal year by doing two simple calculations. First, add these numbers: the month and the day you were born. For example, if you were born on March 3, you would add 3 + 3, which equals 6. Then you take the universal year of 2014, reduce it to single digit, which is 7. Now add the 7 with the sum of your birthday month and day (here, a 6). In this example, we get 13. 13 reduces to a 4, so a person born March 3rd has a personal year of 4.

1 Year:

If you’re having a one year, your theme is NEW BEGINNINGS.  This is the first year of a nine year cycle. It’s a great year to start something new in your work or personal life. A powerful year to start a new business, especially if it’s a solo venture. Number one energy supports anything that is jump started with your initiative, ingenuity, your unique mojo! Last year you cleared the slate. This year you begin anew. If any loose ends, projects or relationship issues linger, get support to finish or release them in peace. If you don’t know what’s calling you, this is the time to start anywhere, just begin! 

2 Year:

A two year is supportive of all kinds of partnership. It’s a year where you will want to team up with another in the area of romance, business, or even working out with a friend. If you’re entering a two year, your theme is intimacy and cooperation and balance. You will be learning to balance your desire for alone time as well as partnering with others to do more than you could accomplish solo – and to feel more fulfilled knowing that where two or more gather, inspiring things are created! 

3 year:

In a three year, you come out of your shell a bit -- or significantly more. A three year is a time of joyful, authentic expression. Your theme is CREATIVITY. It’s as though your inner child is saying, let’s play! You have a need this year for more social interaction and more authentic expression. Three years support celebration and all kinds of verbal and written expression. Think of this as a time to get the word out about who you are and what you do …in a fun and creative way. Speaking your truth may also enter the mix. Your sense of humor may improve as well. Yay! 

4 year:

A 4 year is a FOUNDATIONAL year. You’re creating something that will increase your sense of security, either materially or spiritually, knowing that the latter will make you feel more rooted and grounded in an earthly way. People tend to work harder than usual in a 4 year. You are building toward your future. For example, last year was a 4 year for me, and it was the year I completed my book, The Magic of Saying Yes: AnsweringYour Heart’s True Calling. I don’t think I’ve ever worked that many hours a day for such a sustained period, but the reward was great! Just make sure that what you are building is something you love! If you’re not passionate about it, the hard work can easily cause burnout. This is the year to put energy into structures that support you, your passions and your highest good. You’ll be reaping the rewards for years to come. 

5 year:

In a 5 year, surprise awaits! If you love surprises like I do, then this is your year! The number 5’s theme is TRANSFORMATION. It’s also a year in which we consciously seek out adventure and travel, even if it’s close to home. In a 5 year you are generally ready for a change, to shake up your life a little to get out of any ruts.  The number five says, let’s have fun! Life is too short to be so serious ( a 4 year tendency). If you’re entering a 5 year, stay loose and flexible, and be open to change. Relationships that begin in this year may feel intense and may not necessarily continue for long, but they will likely have a transformational effect. Stay positive and let the flow of this year carry you into a new chapter. Remember the adage, nothing in life is permanent except change.  

6  year: 

The number six year is a feel good year! Your theme is happiness in community (all kinds), harmony, comfort and joy. In a word: CONTENTMENT. Loving and being loved by family and friends will play a big role in your well being. Let the simple pleasures of life figure prominently. This is really a time to enjoy the vibration of harmony that life doesn’t always provide. If this year had a theme song, it would be the Beach Boys, Good Vibrations. 

7 year:

Going inward. Contemplation. PARTNERING WITH THE DIVINE. (My book will guide you to create this!) Theme: the year of inner work! Facing your shadow and loving those parts of you that you’ve suppressed or hidden out of fear. Potential for phenomenal growth. Potential for awakening and oneness with your inner wise guide, God, whatever you call that greater force of clarity and inspiration. Because this is a more inwardly-focused year, you may feel more lonely or isolated than usual. Get support! This is a great year to focus on exquisite self care and self-discovery. Start or continue a spiritual practice. This year, much of your good will come through a conscious connection with the divine. Any practices of self love will bring great rewards. 

8 year:

The year of ABUNDANCE. Material success. Career recognition. Inheritance. Wealth. What does this mean to you? What is your definition of success? Your thoughts create your reality. Clarity is vital to manifesting and this year you will reap rewards of past efforts. If you’re feeling more scarcity than prosperity, make time for a daily abundance affirmation, such as: I am now receiving all the that I want and all that I need; partnering with Spirit provides everything for me. I also love this one: I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but everything always works out in the end.
9  year:
You are in the final year of a 9 year cycle. This is a time of completion. Your theme this year: LETTING GO. This is a time to ask for clarity on any relationship issues that are draining your energy or making you feel stuck. Stay true to yourself. Join groups or associations that empower you and allow you to be your authentic self! You will benefit tremendously by clearing your life of anything that isn’t bringing you joy or fulfillment. Clear clutter on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This year you are preparing for a one year, a brand new start. Clear your canvas and get ready for new creations! 

This is a snapshot of your personal year. If you’d like a full reading specific to your life situation and heart’s desire, contact me. Let's team up and get answers to your most burning questions! You will come away with more clarity, confidence and calm and an action plan for forward movement. We meet by phone, Skype or in person.

A one-hour reading and forward-moving plan is $175. Call me to schedule your reading:  206-605-2900. Or send me an email.

Monday, December 2, 2013

December Coaching Special!

December is the close of a cycle and the prelude to the fresh start  and new beginnings of a brand new chapter. This is a beautiful time to move through anything standing in the way of saying "Yes!" to your heart's desire. I would love to be your creative champion, wise guide, confidante and accountability coach. 

You don't have to know your vision, direction, or purpose now ... if you feel lost, afraid or just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you've been trying to do it alone. Are you ready to let go of doing it all by yourself?
As an Intuitive Life Coach, I help people let go of struggle and strife and create their magical life. We step into a magical life when we feel free, clear and confident to say yes and follow our inner guidance. It's a wonderful new beginning: life seems to break open, new possibilities emerge, and we see with new eyes. You also come away with practical tools for a happier life: knowing how to connect with your intuition, your wise self, and feeling motivated and confident to take powerful, positive action in your desired direction. 
 To support you in saying "Yes!" . . .  I am offering a special December coaching package at a substantially reduced rate.

This two-part package includes: Part I: 90-minute session, including a powerful pre-session self and life assessment exercise. Part II: 1-hour follow-up session including accountability for action steps inspired through the process of Part I.
We will meet by phone, Skype or you may choose to meet in person if you are in the Seattle area. 

From our sessions, you will come away with:
*  a shift/release of energy blocking your natural potential
*  a clear and inspired focus and direction
*  an action plan to move forward with ease and passion
*  specific steps to realize your plan
*  new tools specifically tailored to your needs and desired results

Save over $100 on the regular package rate:  $339 December special

I have limited openings for this special. To book your sessions, send me an email or call me at 206-605-2900. 
* Open to new clients. Complimentary 30-minute consults do not apply to this December Special. For more about the benefits of coaching with Betsy, click here.  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Magic of Saying Yes Book Reading/Signings September 26th at 7 PM

Join me for a lively book reading and personal signings for The Magic of Saying Yes: Answer Your Heart's True Calling. I am so thrilled to be hearing that the book is positively and powerfully changing lives.

Inside I share my heartfelt and sometimes gritty life adventure of getting to yes, while guiding you on your journey of awakening to and answering your heart's true calling. 

With powerful, practical exercises, meditations and activities, The Magic of Saying Yes will empower you to ... 

* Partner with your inner wise guide to receive the comfort and guidance you need to move forward

* Trust the authentic whispers of your soul's desire

* Embrace happiness no matter what  
Thursday, September 26th ~ 7 PM
 Village Books
1200 11th Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

It would be so much FUN to meet you in person at Village Books this coming Thursday at 7 pm ...

Tell your friends, bring a friend, make a new soul friend there!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Here's an excerpt from my new book, The Magic of Saying Yes: Answering Your Heart's True Calling, Chapter 7, Unwavering Self-Love:

Self-deprivation is soul deprivation. It comes at a hefty price. When I'm deciding between self-care or sacrificing my own well-being, I imagine transitioning at my death. Will I look back and wish I had taken more risks and opened myself to more adventures? Will I say, "Good thing I was super careful with money?" Or will it be more like, “Gosh, you know, I was actually more free than I gave myself credit for. I wish I would have said yes to my heart more often. Look at the potential for joy that I wasted.”
  ~ A Journal Entry

Self-Love: The Most Powerful Healing Balm

I call this a magical practice, because after years of using it with myself and offering it to clients, its profound healing results continue to amaze me. Clients come back to my office feeling changed: more vital, refreshed, and alive. It’s as if they are becoming new again, and they are. This is the power of self-love.

To go out of your comfort zone and go after your dreams with gusto, you need to feel anchored and tethered to something you can trust. Cultivating a partnership with your soul is one route to feeling this core stability. Another is being loved by a truly nurturing parent who you know, in every cell of your body, has your back. A nurturing parent is someone you can turn to for emotional support when life throws you a curveball.

The wonderful truth is, you have the power to create this nourishing and unconditionally loving force of goodness within yourself.

Being your own nurturing parent is vital, because whenever you’re inspired to break out and entertain a new possibility for your life, the ego balks and the inner critics get loud. You need an inner cheerleader to say, “No matter what those voices are saying, they are not speaking the truth. The truth is, you have all you need to make this happen. I believe in you. You are enough! You can do this!”


The following self-love practice was inspired by the work of spiritual teachers Louise Hay and Darren Weissman. This practice has worked magic in my life. When practiced consistently, this exercise can bring you phenomenal healing results as well.

To read more ... order The Magic of Saying Yes: Answering Your Heart's True Calling