Thursday, June 4, 2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

Sometimes I use my book, The Magic of Saying Yes, as an oracle. I ask Spirit to guide me to the wisdom I need, open it up to a page and see where my eyes go. 

Today I landed on these words: "Spend a few moments with your inner child. Stroke her hair. Hold her close. Let her know you will always be here for her." This was exactly what I needed to do. It took just one minute in my imagination with the sweet little one. I feel calmer now and more at peace. 

On this day, may you be happy. May you be at peace. May you get exactly what your heart needs most. May you attend to your precious self so that s/he feels safe, secure and loved. For you are deeply loved. And so it is! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Dear God, Show Me My Next Steps!

 Greetings, beloved friends!

With distracting construction going on next door to my office, I'm camped out at Chocolati café on this eve of the full moon lunar eclipse. It's been cold and rainy today in Seattle but the sun just blasted through the skylight above me, illuminating my keyboard. I feel Spirit with us, so let's do this!

Have you been feeling an intensity, restlessness, or heaviness lately? That feeling of slogging through a foot or two of mud? It's as though you know that you absolutely need a shift in a pretty major way. That much clarity you have, and you may have even committed to making a change in your career, health, home or relationships. You know what you've "had it" with, right?

And if you pause, breathe and let yourself imagine yourself feeling free and very much alive in a new endeavor, you can feel the spark of new life. Excitement even. That's the great news! You are definitely at a turning point. This lunar eclipse signals the start of a brand new six-month cycle of life. In this there is hope and celebration. Spring and Easter too are inviting you to allow the death of a former self and celebrate the birth of a new more empowered and radiant version of you.

At the same time, the eclipse also symbolizes an aspect of ourselves, our dream or a "how to get there" plan, being hidden from view. We feel in the dark about the specific form of this new direction and how it is all going to manifest. Or you sense that to shift a very challenging situation you'll need a miracle. And since this eclipse is in Libra which rules balance, harmony, intimacy and relationships, your focus is likely on one or more relationships causing you pain or stress.

Here's the freeing news: we're being abundantly supported by this full moon eclipse to see the truth of where we've been giving away our power. We all have coping patterns from childhood that once protected us but now chain and bind us from bursting forth, free and liberated into this next new cycle.

To shine light on where you feel in the dark, a great question to ask is, how do I feel about myself and care for myself in the context of my intimate and working relationships? 

Specifically, are you communicating clear boundaries with others? If not, are you ready to commit to doing so, despite that it may be very uncomfortable as you practice? I would say that unless you want to live another re-run of your life, you have no choice!  

You'll know the answer because If you're not honoring yourself and communicating your needs clearly, you are sacrificing your health, well-being or creativity and feeling resentful or drained in the process. You're seeing where you've been putting off acting on an inspired goal. You are feeling frustrated that more joy isn't bubbling up in your life.

How can you illuminate what's hidden and needs action? We're talking about a childhood pattern where you took on a role that is ready to go so that you can fully embrace and move toward the next evolution of your soul's destiny. For example, as a child were you your parent's Caretaker, the Responsible One, or the Scapegoat? Do you tend to attract "energy vampires" who drain you and keep you from connecting with your own creative spark and following your own dreams?

We're all being pushed, gently or not so gently into facing our shadow: where we've sacrificed ourselves to please others and be distracted from following our soul's inspiration-- our true calling. If we still are operating from a need to gain approval, afraid to disappoint an intimate, co-worker or boss, the result is that we are also stuffing, or procrastinating on, our wise inner guidance. The very guidance, momentum and motivation that is key to freeing ourselves to act on the next level of our destiny.

This is the time to activate your inner courage to fully honor and value your unique gifts, talents and passionate purpose. Are you willing to value yourself and your mission enough to grow through some discomfort as you set new a new boundary or begin to communicate more truthfully? As the hero of this next journey of your life, risk is inevitable but acting on self-love will be rewarded!

As you begin to take small risks to speak your truth; let go of caretaking others (you can still care), and assert your preferences, remember that you're not alone. The voice of Love, your inner wise guide is always with you. Pause, get quiet and ask: Am I making this choice from fear or love? If the answer is fear, congratulations! You can shift what you can see. Name the fear and give it and compassion like you would a small child who's hurting. Let the power of Love move in and lead you.

Now I hear Jimmy Cliff's lyrics playing:

I can see clearly now the rain is gone.
I can see all obstacles in my way.
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.
It's gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) sunshiny day.
It's gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) sunshiny day.

Enjoy this time of rebirth!

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Join us tomorrow, Saturday February 14th, for Awakening to Love

We have one opening in our Awakening to Love workshop tomorrow! If you are in Seattle and you're ready for a wonderful positive shift in your life, please come. Register at the link below. 

Join us for a day of creative nourishment for your body, mind and spirit!  In an intimate gathering of six women, we will come together to co-create a rejuvenating shift around Love--one that brings joyful results for each of us!

Our day will include healing guided meditations to awaken the Goddess of Love within you; soul-full rituals for shedding the old and saying YES! to your heart's desire; and fun, creative playtime making your own personal Treasure Map on Love.

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Saturday, February 14th
9:30 am ~ 4:30 pm
$100 including a nourishing lunch and all Treasure Map supplies


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